Workshops And Masterclasses

The Dance Experience Workshops

Dancers will be offered workshops in Commercial Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary/Lyrical. Additional optional classes are Tap and Ballet. 

Workshop Age Levels

  • All ages for Master Classes & Competition are determined as of January 1st, 2021. Studio Directors and Studios Teachers may use their discretion to place students in ballrooms where they feel their individual student(s) would get the most out of their weekend. However, we do ask that all students return to their appropriate age level for auditions in order to be considered for extra awards.

Master Class levels will be divided as follows:

Workshops and Masterclasses THE DANCE EXPERIENCE will email a workshop & competition schedule to the studio owner or director, one week prior to the event date.Wristbands

  • TDE wristbands must be worn by all teachers, students and observers at all times.
  • Anyone without a wristband will be denied entry into all ballrooms.
  • A fee of 30 USD/110 AED will be charged for all lost wristbands.

Security and Safety

  • The host venue facilities and THE DANCE EXPERIENCE are not responsible for any lost personal items or injuries.
  • All dancers under the age of 18 who are registered with THE DANCE EXPERIENCE must be accompanied by an adult of legal age, this can also be the studio director if a parent or guardian will not attend.