Competition Info


In order to compete, a dancer must be registered for The DANCE EXPERIENCE convention/workshop 2020 classes as a two-day attendee. One-day workshop attendees are not eligible to compete. 

Each competing dancer must enter the competition section under a registered school/studio. 

Competing dancers may enter in as many categories as they please, but they are not allowed to compete against themselves.  Numbers of performers entered in the same category must have a 50% change in participants.

All ages, in The DANCE EXPERIENCE workshop and competition 2020, are determined as of January 1st, 2020. 

No competition entries will be confirmed unless full payment has been received before or on the deadline. If competition entries have been entered into the system will be deleted if payment has not been settled before or on the posted payment deadline.  

All convention and competition entries must be postmarked by the cut-off deadline. If competition limit is reached before this deadline, no further entries will be accepted. *Entries are accepted in the order they are received.

All entries must be registered online only through (see registration link)

No entries will be accepted by email/phone/whatsapp.

All entries must be registered before the registration cut-off date.

To protect the artistry of the choreographers and the safety of the dancers, we do not offer live streaming of our competition. 

Video recording or Photo taking is strictly prohibited during competition.

If you are registered as an “Independent”, you are not eligible to compete. However, you are eligible to participate in the one-day workshops/convention.


  • Mini: Ages 6-8
  • Junior: Ages 9-11
  • Intermediate: Ages 12-15
  • Senior: Ages 16+ 

All categories are the average age.  To reach the average age, add the ages of all the dancers together, then divide by the number of dancers in the routine.

Categories may be joined together at the discretion of the TDE team.

Names, ages, and birth dates of all dancers must be registered. 

If a dancer’s age needs verification, ID must be available upon request.

All ages, Convention & Competition, are determined as of January 1st, 2020.




Solo (1 dancer)


Duo/Trio (2-3) dancers


Small Group (4-7dancers)


Large Group (8-15 dancers)


Production (16 dancers and above)


Each judge awards up to 100 points based on the following criteria:

  • Technique: 40 percent
  • Performance: 30 percent
  • Musicality/Timing: 20 percent
  • Creativity/Overall Appearance 10 percent

All Solos, Duos and Trios will get medals pertaining to their level of achievement 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive trophies


Ballet on PointeA routine performed or choreographed using Classical Ballet technique. Dancers must wear pointe shoes. No acrobatics tricks permitted
Ballet on Flat ShoesA routine performed or choreographed using Classical Ballet technique. Dancers must wear ballet flat and soft shoes. No acrobatics tricks permitted
TapA routine performed using tap technique. NO pre-recorded tap on the soundtrack is permitted. Only a maximum of 3 acro/gymnastics tricks are allowed.
JazzA routine performed using Jazz technique and creative choreography. Only a maximum of 3 acro/gymnastics tricks are allowed
LyricalA routine performed using Lyrical technique and creative choreography. It expresses the lyrics and story of the song through movements. Only a maximum of 3 acro/gymnastics tricks are allowed.
Acro DanceA routine that combines at least 4 acro/gymnastics tricks and any form of dancing.
ContemporaryA routine performed and expressed freely but choreographed based on the mixed discipline of jazz, lyrical and ballet. Only a maximum of 3 acro/gymnastics tricks are allowed.
Hip-HopA routine that demonstrates Hip-hop or street type moves. Only a maximum of 3 acro/gymnastics tricks are allowed.
OpenA routine that demonstrates any dance style other than above mentioned genres or combination of dance styles. Examples include , ballroom, novelty, character, Irish and clogging.
Musical TheatreA routine showcasing Broadway or theatre dance styles. Live singing only, no lip-syncing is allowed. Microphones for vocals are not provided. A vocal backtrack is recommended.

Registered teachers must submit one FlashDrive labeled with your studio name and code. Each entry should be labeled with the Act # and Routine Name. (Example: #10 Dream).

All music must be submitted as a .mp3 file

Teachers should have a back-up for every entry on hand, in case the primary FlashDrive will not work.

All FlashDrives must be submitted to the registration desk at teacher registration. All FlashDrives will be imported and ran through a computer system at competition. No FlashDrives will be accepted after registration has closed, no exceptions!

All music must be age appropriate with no harsh or curse words. Any inappropriate lyrics will automatically disqualify the routine with no refunds.

All entries are final and non-refundable.  No exceptions!

Entries that are canceled due to performers` injury or illness will not be refunded. No exceptions!

No changes may be made to competition entries two weeks prior to the convention. No exceptions!

Routines must be age appropriate, and suitable for family viewing.  If judges deem a routine inappropriate, point deduction or disqualification may occur.

Teachers are not permitted to perform with students.

Competing dancers must perform in their scheduled order, unless permission is given by THE DANCE EXPERIENCE to hold a number to allow time for costume changes.  No Exceptions.

Competition order will not be altered to allow for rehearsal time, or pre-performance run-thrus. This can lead to point deduction or disqualification of the routine. No Exceptions!

Decisions made by the judges are final and irrevocable.

THE DANCE EXPERIENCE is not responsible for any music that is not picked up.

Visual coaching is strictly prohibited!